Ketamine for Eating Disorders


" a British team found that by combining ketamine (to block long-term potentiation and stimulation of compulsive behavior) with an opioid blocker (to prevent loss of consciousness), patients with refractory …ketamine might be useful in the treatment of heroin withdrawal.

“The speed with which a person changed from the high arousal, compulsive state to the more normal state was occasionally fast enough to resemble a change in personality,” they noted. “This was particularly so with patient 8, whose husband described her as changing back to the personality he knew when he first married her. The patient found the speed of change difficult to adapt to in the first week.” More than half of the patients showed a return to normal eating behavior that persisted long after discharge from the hospital."*


Ketamine is not FDA approved for the treatment of Eating Disorders

it is too soon to know, if it will prove useful


From Ketamine: Peril and Promise by R. Andrew Sewell, MD