Say Thank You!     



"Thank you for everything - inside and out!

even for things I don't know about"


Thanksgiving is not just a day in November anymore.

It is a celebration every day,

of every dern thing that we would miss if it went away!

Why wait until it is gone - lets appreciate every ability we have. Walking talking, thinking feeling, loving, eating, being awake, sleeping (but not too much :)


When we stop, and thank the Universe (or whatever) for everything we have been given, we start to open up to how much we have and how grateful we can be for it.

We deserve nothing, yet we are given so much.

We did not choose to be born, yet we are afraid to die.

We were fed and kept, yet we are only beginning to understand.


We are nothing, yet we can love so much.

Love starts with appreciation,

appreciation starts with thanks,

thanks for reading this : )