Beyond 10%     


Imagine using your brain ten times more efficiently!

How much more could you do? How much easier would life be?

This web site is dedicated to the idea that every human can use the other 90% of their brain's potential by rising above the lower self and transferring identity & authority to the highest self.

This lets us maximize the usefulness of our individual gifts, find meaning and minimize suffering. Living without purpose reduces mental efficiency. When we fight with ourselves - we lose, but the more efficiently we use our brain, the better we feel. Long term happiness and inner peace requires learning new attitudes & actions.

Our mature nature is one of gentle discipline, calm confidence and strong, balanced, resilient love. The challenge for each one of us is to grow into it.


How well can a Web site help a person learn to do this?

There is only one way to find out!


You are welcome to share the location of this site ( with anyone you care about.


There is no commercial or financial motive here, no pop-ups & nothing to buy.

What you will find is, a set of ideas which can help you in your process of change.


Your feedback, comments and suggestions help me make this more understandable. Just visiting makes me smile too.

As of 9/14/05 I've smiled more than a thousand times : )

                                        Thank you,    Rustin Berlow, M.D.