Gates of Acceptance     



How do we learn acceptance? Is it the same as admitting defeat? Is it the same as approving of something instead of fighting?


Yes & no. We can learn acceptance by understanding it carefully, by motivating ourselves and by working towards halfway goals: Forgiveness, Gratitude, Submission, Patience, Humility, knowing when the best something is nothing (Wei Wu) and letting go of the outcome (Karma Yoga) doing things for the sake of doing them.


Forgiveness is acceptance of something we think is not good, or not right.

It allows us to move beyond resentment.


Gratitude is acceptance of something we do think is good, or right.

It allows us to appreciate what we have.


Both of these involve judgement of things that are outside of us. Judgement and acceptance. In the end we simplify this to just - acceptance.

That saves time and energy, (otherwise wasted on judgement), which we can then use to have fun ; )


Submission is acceptance of authority and in some sense, the authority of reality & truth. We each have a tendency to think we are the ultimate or highest authority, but we are not. We each tend to think that the way we understand things is the way things are, but it is not.

It is overwhelming to think that we are responsible for everything, and it is arrogant. Humility, eventually, is welcomed as a relief. It allows us to have a more realistic idea about how we see things. It allows us to distinguish between our perceptions (our reality) and the way things are (truth). Some things are real, but not true (2 + 5 = 17).