Big Picture     



1) The Goal of Life is Happiness



2) Happiness is more likely with some habits

............and Less Likely with Other habits


We need to learn how to do good things

& not do bad things


How do we know what is good and bad?

by asking - what will lead to Long Term Happiness?


When we were young, we thought that

"good" meant what feels good

When we grew, we thought that

"good" meant what others thought we should do.

When we realize that

neither pleasure nor approval

leads to long term happiness,

we understand that "good"

must be defined as what DOES

lead to long term happiness.



        Maximizing Brain Function Requires Wisdom     



We each have a limited time here. The more time we waste, the less life we enjoy.

The more energy we expend randomly, the less is left for directed effort.


If we waste time & energy trying to control things we cannot,

we waste that part of our life

So we need to understand what we can and what we cannot control


What Can we control & what Can't we control?