Accepting my first Thoughts (T1's)     



(toward Accepting my first Thoughts)


My thoughts are what they are.


Every thought has a beginning, middle and an end.


I have had worse thoughts before, and I will get through these.


Just as the sky remains after the clouds have gone,

I will be here after these thoughts have passed


Just as I prefer to be accepted rather than investigated-

so do my thoughts.


Explanations would keep me stuck in the problem, :

so I don't keep explaining, I don't keep blaming.


Explaining "Why" I think what I think, won't help me,

Calm, Serenity & Peace of Mind are more useful.


If part of me asks "why?"-

I can Hear that "why?" & accept it

instead of trying to answer the "why?".


I do not believe everything I hear,

especially if I'm the one saying it.


I am aware of my feelings & thoughts, and

the part of me that is aware - is the REAL me.


I am not controlled by my feelings or thoughts anymore.


I ACCEPT my feelings & thoughts.


The part of me that hears, accepts and chooses - is the highest me.