We Only Win - By Giving In!     



The Arabic word for Submission is "Islam". It derives from the same root as Salaam or peace. The idea is wholeness, integrity or completeness. We often think, in our individualistic perspective, that strength is the thing that gets us through difficulties. We think that our problems can be solved by self discipline and "toughing it out" or grinning and bearing it".

Eventually we learn that this is not always true.

Many of the most important contexts in life require more wisdom than strength, more equanimity than persistence.

Before we are forced to Surrender, we dread it, abhor it, think that it means the end of our self as we know it (it is, but in a good way). After Surrender, we smile a relaxed smile, we relax and lean back, feeling the warmth of a spiritual blanket on a cold day. At some point we admit that we are powerless over something, we come to believe there is something bigger than we are and we realize that we can only be happy by dedicating our will and our life to something bigger than our self. In the new context we find ourself in, things can seem very contradictory but the truth is, that in life, we only win by giving in!