Accepting Myself as my Highest Self, most noble self     



(toward Accepting Myself as my Highest Self)


I Am Me, I am not ___________________ (your feeling here), I am me.


Part of me feels & wants,

part of me explains & judges

but I am Me,

the one who hears the other two,

I am the ears (of my mind).


I observe the fact that part of me feels & "want"s,

I observe the fact that

part of me thinks & "should"s,

but after hearing those two, I make choices based on

what will lead me to long term happiness


good used to mean what feels good,

good used to mean what others think is right

...Now Good means which

Attitudes & Actions lead to happiness


Gratitude & Forgiveness are gates to Acceptance.

I forgive & thank everybody for everything,

not for their sake, for my own.


Judging or criticizing prevents acceptance,

so if I cannot control it,

I do not waste energy by continuing to judge it.


By Accepting what I cannot control,

I can focus my attention & energy

on what I CAN control:

choosing my attitudes & actions.

(by what brings long term happiness)


The pain of growth is far easier to handle than

the suffering arising from avoiding change and the frustration of stagnation.

I welcome any discomfort or pain that will lead to growth.


I know that it sometimes is uncomfortable or even painful

to feel one way and act another or to think one thing and do another.

But only when my highest self directs my actions

based on long term happiness, will I find peace & my potential


By knowing the meaning of discomfort or pain, it becomes a sacrifice.


Anything that hurts is an acceptance opportunity &

I am willing to make whatever sacrifice needed to grow.



I AM where I need to be (here)

I am DOING what needs to be done (now)